Kulfi hunting in Old Delhi

9th Nov 2014

t was the first time I was getting down at Chawri Bazar metro station. The station itself is an engineering wonder. One if its kind, the station is built inside a tunnel which goes 25 metres deep under the earth, above which is the centuries old 'walled' city of Delhi. 
It takes the efforts of four escalators to take one from the tunnel-station to the lively, colourful and crowded city of Old Delhi above it. 
As soon as I ascended from the escalators to the crowded bazar.... I was amazed to see the sight in front of my eyes. Bizarre, crazy, and all such adjectives wont be enough to describe the sight. 
I wanted to stay there for a while to get a vibe of the place... but I was on a mission. The mission to find the famous Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale shop in order to taste the much famed mango kulfi.

Photo of Kulfi hunting in Old Delhi 1/2 by yosid89 .

I was told that the shop is somewhere in the Chawri Bazar area.... rest I had to find out. So I first went ahead on the Sitaram Bazar road... after strolling down the people-full road I realised it was going no where. No trace of any famous kulfi shop could be seen. Then I enquired about it asking people ''bhaiya yahan koi famous kulfi ki dukaan hai ?''. Finally after 15-20 minutes I got the address which was 1164-1165 Kucha Pati Ram. As I walked in the narrow lane of  Kucha Pati Ram I saw a couple of kulfi shops claiming to be famous.... U can always get a few shops who claim to be the authentic ones near all the famous food joints. I was determined to go to 1164-1165 so I kept walking past them. Finally I got there a board having Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale written on it announced itself. ''Kulfi yahin milegi?'' I asked the man sitting on floor and reading a newspaper behind the counter. " Hanji milegi " he said " kitni chahiye apko ?" he asked "Ek" I said "To ji aap humari retail shop pe chale jao eahan mil jaegi." Then I realised that one of those shops I thought to be fake was actually the retail branch. I went there and ate the mango kulfi and the rabri kulfi. Rs 50/- each. Then I had the famous aam kulfi which made by removing a mango's seed, stuffing rabri inside it. Then the mango is covered mitti and is then sent to get freezed. This special kulfi costs 150 bucks. The kulfi was awesome but the thing that made the place special was the hustling-bustling old city of Delhi...... Its just at about 800m distance from Chawri Bazar Metro Station....

Photo of Kulfi hunting in Old Delhi 2/2 by yosid89 .

So whenever you feel like digging in some awesome kulfi or feel like experiencing the old world charm... do visit Old Delhi.....

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