Kunti betta Trekking

29th Oct 2016
Photo of Kunti betta Trekking 1/1 by Lucy Austin

Kunti Betta is the amazong place for the Trekking activities.During the kunti betta day trek you can spot the Thonnur Lake view once you reach the top of the hillock. It is very fascinating tracks and naturally sheltered peak which is very close to the Thonnur Lake. It is an excellent trek for all levels of trekkers, as well as for the seasoned trekker wanting to do a more laidback trek over the weekend.If you want to add more thrill to your adventure then you must try kunti betta night trekking. It is a perfect destination for energizing yourself with activities conducted by Adventure Nest.

Adventure nest conducts activities like Zip-Line, rappelling, trekking, kayaking, night trekking, nature walking, birds watching, archery, gun shooting, fun & team building activities. While trekking you can gaze the layers and layers of hills in the far distance, those who manage to rise high, rise above the clouds, can enjoy the magnificent trek. Kunti betta camping is a splendid way to spend your weekend. Atop Kunti betta, one can see the utensil shaped rocks which were apparently used by Pandavas for cooking. Kunti Betta trekking starts from the pond and is a steep uphill climb offering rock climbing, and traversing through dense vegetation.

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