Ladakh checklist !

Photo of Ladakh checklist ! by Triyana

23 Things You Should Definitely Do When In Ladakh

This was one of my life’s most memorable trips #Ladakh. Everything that I’d heard about this paradise was just so-so true. So what did I do there? Have a look at the list below. You might love to experience the same or more!

1. Starry night on display at the lake

1, 2, 3…. No no! You just can’t count them. We’re talking about a galaxy of stars. Like pearl drops falling over you or trickling down the sky, creating a perfect ambience for you. Get your telescope if you want to see them up and close. And do not forget to have dinner out in the open by the Lake, under this magnificent display of the night sky. Nothing compared to those urban candle light dinners.

Well, the fun just doesn’t stop here…

2. Witness the sunrise at the Lake

It just appears in front of you, like magic. Watch the sun unfold itself and reveal its charm, coming up from behind the hills at Pangong Lake. Then immerse in the beauty of its reflection sparkling on the Lake water.

3. Camping out in the open

Sarchu, another experience of life out in the open under the vast sky lit with millions of stars. Go camping. Soak in the silence and serenity. In the morning, surprise yourself with your drinking water all iced up.

4. The mighty reflection of the Himalayas on lakes

Most beautiful sight at the Tso Moriri Lake. Click a pic & have your own wallpaper.

Also, capture the reflection of the hills at Pangong Lake.

5. Meet the rivers

Go and meet where the 2 rivers – Indus & Zanskar meet. The summers are the best time to experience the meeting of the two rivers as the Zanskar River freezes during the winters and it is the only way to cross and go to the other side.

6. Control the photographer in you, and bird-watch!

Photo of Zanskar by Triyana

The high altitude wetlands of Ladakh are a favoured destination for a lot of birds. You can spot the Brown-Headed Gull, Niyazor and many more.

7. A lot to watch. Next up, moon watching!

Whether in Leh or at any of the Lakes, the sight of the moon is just enrapturing…

8. Find. And then lose yourself.

Have a moment with yourself. Contemplate, relax, unwind, ‘no-thought’ moments – You can have it all here. Plus, get to camouflage yourself in the mountains.

9. Stone tower to make a wish

Remember in childhood how we learned to build a tower with blocks. Well, according to folklore, here in the mountains people have been stacking stones to make a wish. The locals believe that this brings good luck for travellers.

10. Experience Ladakhi life at a homestay

Must do, you’ll get to know so much about the Ladakhi culture, customs, come face-to-face with their warm hospitality. And taste the yummy food – butter tea, dumplings to thukpa. Enjoy all. Read more about it here,

11. Spin to Pray

Photo of Ladakh checklist ! by Triyana

The Tibetan prayer wheels bring prosperity and good luck. It is believed that the more you spin it you are emanating positivity.

12. Maggi at the World’s highest road

When you make it to the top, enjoy a hot bowl of soupy Maggi noodles. Perfectly complements the weather there.

We have a dedicated blog for this experience, read here.

13. Ride a Camel. Two-humped one.

Bactrian Camels are a rare variety of camel you find in the sand dunes of Nubra Valley.

14. Be a National Geographic reporter

Such unique animals you can spot in Ladakh enroute or at the Hemis National Park. Like Marmots, Yaks, Snow Leopards, Wild Horses, Ibex, Mongooses, Mountain Dogs and a lot more.

15. Cook in the open in a hot water spring

Have a great experience cooking noodles, pasta and soup in the hot water spring. But make sure the water doesn’t get into your food.

16. Yahaan bhi Cricket.

Cricket at 20,000 ft above sea level! Just do it.

17. Snow here, snow there.

Get the child in you out and play with snow at Khardungla. Make snowballs, throw at your friends or even tease them by shoving some in their clothes. Now that would be super fun!

18. Do some touristy things

Photo of Khardung La by Triyana

Visit the ‘Hall of Fame’. Also called Leh’s War Museum. Pay your tribute to the Martyrs’ of Kargil war. Check out what’s in store there.

19. Langar at Gurudwara

The religious side in you can satiate itself at the historical Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. Do have the langar and cha (chai)!

20. Go Cycling or road biking on some of the highest roads in the world

You’ll enjoy this ride for sure. Whether the high passes or the Gatta loops, you surely won’t find straight and serpentine-like roads anywhere else.

21. Click till you drop!

Thankfully it’s the digital era. Otherwise only God knows how many rolls you would have needed to capture the majestic beauty of Ladakh. Just make sure to take tonnes of pictures.

22. BRO’s witty road signs

Photo of Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, NH 1D, Phey by Triyana

Superbly done! They surely send the message across in such an easy, witty and hilarious way. Check out some signs below -

23. A quiet rendezvous by the lake

Photo of Ladakh checklist ! by Triyana

All by yourself (even with family) just sit by the lake. And do nothing. Believe me, you would want to keep coming back for this.

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