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10th Sep 2021
Laadkh Series 2021 Trailer

This is the trailer of my Ladakh Series - Ladakh My Dream Ride. During this ride, I completed 7000+ km and the journey started from Bangalore to Ladakh and returned to my home town Burla (Odisha). Never done such long ride, it was a total of 22 days journey and every single day was much better and full of challenges at the same time. After this trailer, the video will be released every week. So stay hold and enjoy my Ladakh series 2021 virtually through my eyes.

Ladakh is a land of wonder and every biker dream to take his bike and ride on the land of high passes. Finally, I could able to fulfil my dream however with this ride my hunger for such ride has only increased. This ride was planned for years that when would I pack my backs and kick start my ride to Ladakh. I am very happy as I am one of those who rode his own bike in the land of high mountain passes and with it more dreams now to make it reality.

Ladakh ride will be a memorable chapter with lots of stories and lessons in it. I love Ladakh forever. I will always be grateful to all of you for your LOVE, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT. Keeping showing them, thank you.

You guys can contact me for any sort of advices/ help, if your are traveling to Ladakh in bike, I am there to help you guys. Thank you.

Until then, keep travelling.

Regards, Bikemybuddy