Laid back monsoon: The Western Ghats

Photo of by Sagnik Basu

Few people associate Kerala with mountains, the Himalayas hogging the western craving for elevated landscapes. The Western Ghats might not appeal to the hardcore explorers out there but that range is rapturous for most ramblers. Not to mention, what a paradise the place is for the bikers out there. But I had enough of trekking this summer during my time at Bhutan and Nepal, ergo now am longing for some phlegmatic time at God’s own country. The semester is already on a roll and has left me with the calendar, chalking out some days I can find off. Although enjoying a sluggish break needs good research. The romanticizing hills of south is a game of two, so treat yourself and your partner with the best (Rs 80,000 to 1lakh) of times this monsoon.    


Relaxing vacation is not on the sights if you want to cover Kumarakom, Munnar and Thekkady all within a week, so you really should set off with at least a couple of nights to spare. Plot your maps, draft a square you want to cover. Kochi to Munnar is a stretch of 150 kilometers over 4 hours followed by a 2.5 hour journey till Thekkady and then to Kumarakom (another 125 kilometers), end your trip at Kochi which is a one hour drive for Kumarakom.

Car hires: Rs 2500


Set your foot during the first week of October for the superlative experience in every sense, starting from good food to the finest sightseeing nature can bless you with. Zip aside a plush Rs 15000 (4-5 days) for the best food and some local tourism.


Despite the hefty money you spend on food and cultural know-around, it is always safe to have around Rs 50,000(4-5 days) as you would find yourself in sedative locations that demand no more that strolling around, boating and seeping in splendid views.


ARANYAKA RESORT AND SPA (starting from Rs 6000)

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SPICE VILLAGE (from Rs 13000)

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VIVANTA (Rs 10,800)

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