Last village of India Chitkul n river Baspa

Photo of Last village of India Chitkul n river Baspa 1/1 by Amitt Behl

Paragliding was the thing which pulled me back in the life. I started travelling coz I want to find new places so "Himachal Pradesh" was the first thing which came in my mind. 

I'm a solo rider "RE500 Bike Lover" travelled 1000kms in months on bike starting from Leh Ladakh trip of 20 Days 3500kms 

love for  treking did first few treks uptil 12k feet in crocs n sports shoes "Kunzum temple  to Chandertaal Lake was the best one" 

i don't like staying in Hotels anymore, Camping n Home is my cup of tea. Love to stay in tents for weeks n so.. Eating food with Locals n chating with em" 

only way to take shower in mountains, find a waterfall "Hidden waterfall" 

Madly in Love with Sunrise n Sunset ???? 

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Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh 172109, India by Amitt Behl
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