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5 ways to be a responsible Traveller

We are indeed privileged to go to a new country and explore its diversity. But it is also important to know how to travel responsibly. Here are some tips to be a sustainable traveller.

1. Shop locally

When it comes to eating, buying souvenirs, choosing where you spend your money impacts the local community.

I usually buy souvenirs at thrift shops or local vendors and market places.it is comparatively cheaper for the same quality. And when it comes to restaurants, we try to look for local cuisines than at multinational food companies. It not only helps the local community but also creates an authentic travel experience.

2. Understanding local culture

The best part of travelling is learning that every country is different in its own sense. It important to understand their style of dressing as some countries are more conservative than the others.

I also make sure to learn the basics of language of the country I’m travelling to (like “ hello”, “good morning/afternoon/evening”, “thank you”, “good bye”).I also try to understand their customs and traditions.

3. Minimising waste

This must done even at our homes but especially during travel.

Not all countries have a good waste management system. It is important to minimise our waste and dispose it properly.

I always carry my water bottle and refill it at restaurants instead of buying plastic bottles. I also carry a backpack to keep all my essentials and snacks instead of separate bag for different things.

When a trash can isn’t in sight, I keep the trash with me until I can dispose it to next garbage can or at the hotel.it is also important to segregate the waste and dispose it off responsibly.

4. Reducing carbon footprint

You can have an impact on the environment while travelling.

I usually walk around the city instead of taking a taxi.

If the places are far I usually take local metro or public transportation.

Another alternative is bicycle which also improves your health. And it also helps you to take in local atmosphere of the city as walk along the streets.

5. Educating fellow travellers

Last but most important is educating the fellow travellers about travelling responsibly so they can have a memorable and impactful time.