Led headlight kits for cars


If you’ve been having trouble seeing while driving at night, during the dimly-lit periods of dawn and dusk, or during bad weather, don’t blame your eyesight – it may be because of ineffective headlights. The illumination provided by standard factory halogen bulbs can limit your ability to see in the distance and limit your visual field as well, and this may prevent you from spotting a vehicle up ahead or detecting a pedestrian approaching the roadway from the side, and reacting in time to avoid them. However, safer driving is just a plug-and-play installation away with a Auxbeam LED Headlight Kits.

Auxbeam LED headlight bulbs will allow you to see further ahead so you can easily spot vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles in the distance, and also widen your visual field to reveal vehicles and pedestrians advancing from the sides. With this superior illumination, you’ll have plenty of time to steer or brake appropriately, and drive with confidence and a greater sense of security. And unlike other headlight upgrades on the market that require complicated installation or frequent bulb replacement, with a Auxbeam LED conversion kit you get easy fitment and long lifespan. These Auxbeam LED Headlight Kits install directly into your headlight housing sockets and attach to the factory headlight wiring connectors; no rewiring or modifications required, and they’ll operate at full intensity for 50,000 hours or more.

All of this exceptional lighting is packed into bulbs of premium quality construction that are impervious to shock and vibration, and have effective heat dissipation. Auxbeam LED Headlight Kitshave an IP67 ingress protection rating, indicating complete protection from the intrusion of dust, and resistance to the ingress of water when submerged up to a depth of one meter, so they’re ready take on any kind of weather. Modern thermal management techniques ensure reliability by controlling operating temperature so the bulbs can deliver their full intensity hour after hour, unlike other LED Headlight Kits that operate with reduced brightness when they heat up. And while you’ll want these bulbs just for their impressive performance, you’ll also get an appearance boost when you lose your old yellow halogens in favor of their cool blue-white 6500K light. more details on https://www.auxbeam.com

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