Leh - Ladakh

Photo of Leh - Ladakh 1/3 by Shiva Kumar Bashetti
Photo of Leh - Ladakh 2/3 by Shiva Kumar Bashetti

Well someone correctly said that amazing trips are always the unplanned ones.  It just happened over a coffee with my friend. At beginning we were planning for any north region , conversation heated up and in that moment i committed to Leh   .  Booked the tickets on that day itself   .    Areial view Leh town completely blown off my mind .  Its the Day 1 we landed o  Leh town at 7 am in morning. Although it felt very difficult to breath at that higher altitude

Photo of Leh - Ladakh 3/3 by Shiva Kumar Bashetti

Shanyer palace  Leh town

Photo of Leh by Shiva Kumar Bashetti
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