Leh - Manali Highway ride

Photo of Leh - Manali Highway ride 1/1 by Ramya Balakrishna

Leh- Manali has the Most beautiful terrain with lush green peaks and snow clad mountains. The lush green mountains with pits of grass and soil mixed in raw form. The best part about this journey is you start from leh drive through the soil desert and go towards the lush green mountains with beas stream flowing on the other side. You drive further go low then rise above towards manali where you side lush green mountains snow clad. The freshly settled creamy white snow clad mountains over lush green meadows is a treat for the eye of the beholder. Once you cross Rohtang Pass, You would have then seen true bliss. The mist settled over these mountains is one view my eyes can never forget. Truly thankful to the creator and his creations and giving me the opportunity to enjoy the nature in its true form. Lush and beautiful.