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LetsBunk: Delhi's Poshtel In Hauz Khas Village For ₹1000 A Night

If you associate staying in a hostel with cramped wire-bunk beds, shared bathrooms and a general lack of amenities, it's time for you to rejoice because a new kind of hostel, a ‘poshtel’, has just opened up in Delhi that is far from a no-frills accommodation.

What is a poshtel?

For those of you who hadn’t guessed it, a poshtel is a posh hostel. The term is usually used to describe new-age hostels that bring together luxury and affordability.

Photos of LetsBunk: Delhi's Poshtel In Hauz Khas Village For ₹1000 A Night 1/4 by Gunjan Upreti
Credits: LetsBunk

LetsBunk – India's first poshtel

A conflux of social travel, local immersive experiences, community living, and design-led infrastructure, LetsBunk is a poshtel that combines the comfort and style of a boutique hotel with the social charm of a travel hostel.

With an intention to create a stylish hospitality brand that enables social living and redefines the way travellers look at accommodations today, LetsBunk Poshtel is the brain child of Gautam and Shweta Munjal.

Photos of LetsBunk: Delhi's Poshtel In Hauz Khas Village For ₹1000 A Night 2/4 by Gunjan Upreti
Gautam Munjal | Credits: LetsBunk

USP of LetsBunk

LetsBunk Poshtel is perfect for those travellers who have a budget concern, but want to stay away from dingy dorm rooms. The good people at LetsBunk Poshtel have put a great emphasis on stylish interiors and offer the following things:

Photos of  1/2 by Gunjan Upreti
Photos of  2/2 by Gunjan Upreti

· Private rooms

· Social rooms (6- and 8-sharing)

· Female exclusive social room (7-sharing)

· Rooftop deck (with forest views)

· Gourmet cafe that doubles up as a co-working space

· Professional housekeeping services

· Complementary breakfast for guests

· High-speed satellite WiFi

· Lots and lots of greenery

Also, the following activities will soon be a reality at LetsBunk Poshtel:

· Local trips and activities (food walks, heritage walks, historical walks etc.) for guests and locals

· Complementary yoga classes for guests

· Immersive events (open for travellers and locals)

· Netflix nights

· Space for quirky/artsy events

· Merchandising space (for local indigenous businesses)

In case you're wondering how much you'll have to shell out to spend a night at LetsBunk, here are the prices:

· Tribe of 6 – ₹1300 (per bed)/night

· Tribe of 8 – ₹1000 (per bed)/night

· Private loft – ₹3000/night

· Superior private loft – ₹ 4000/night

When is it opening?

June 30, 2017

Address: LetsBunk Poshtel

T-40, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

For bookings, you can get in touch with Lets Bunk at or call them on 011–65157755

Have you lived in a poshtel? Review it here and help travellers discover a new form of accommodation.

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