#lettersfromtripoto ; From Spiti with love

Day 1

To Machcha shailu.....
This is a from that letter written by me from the worlds highest post office. Hikkim.... Spiti
Remember how I suddenly got ready for this trip? I'm sure you do.... This trip was, is and will always be my life changing trip and I mean it. Right from the ticket booking, spiti ride to getting that black jacket and your license back was actually adventurous. Agree na macha? You gave me the perspective to see and experience of that beautiful valley. The way you handled every situation is just beyond the words.... #respect for you macha.... Hope we will be back soon in one another trip for sure... Cause we love #mountains...... Till then keep wandering obviously with my memories....
(I still have this postcard.... Hope i'll reach to you via tripotos letter)

Love, sayali


Photo of #lettersfromtripoto ; From Spiti with love by Sayali Patil
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