Photo of #LettersFromTripoto by Kaavya Gowriboina
Day 1

Dear Amma,

I have been able to travel around and live my dream because you have always had my back,with dad,with relatives and with other people. I have never said this, but you are my Idol. I have always wanted to take you out on a vacation ,not as a sign of gratitude, but because you deserve to see the beauty around you and not just the 4 walls of our house. I want you to experience that adrenaline rush of a trek,the happiness of watching a sun rise and the calmness you feel during a sunset, the sound of the wind hitting your skin and the spirited waves trying to tease you. I want you to experience everything that I have experienced because it is the best gift you have ever given me - The freedom to live my life.

Your everything,