Photo of #LettersFromTripoto by Anisha Jain

Dear “Me” from Past,

Remember the time when we used to dream about earning money to travel to travel the globe. Remember, it used to be so painful sleeping without the air cooler in blazing heat of May, wearing same clothes for months crushing the desire to look beautiful, skipping daily meals with an excuse of fasting, no expensive cellphones, notebooks with gray pages and all of this, was just to save few more pennies for our dream to travel around.

Well now is the time,

Bring out the pennies, Buckle up your courage,

Pack your bags, Head for the voyage,

Walk along the beaches, Hold hands of the shore,

Stare at the sunsets, Kiss the beautiful mountains,

Remove your thirst to wanderlust,

Because now is the time.



Instagram Handle: @authoranisha

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