Dear me,

This is a confession to you. I just realized that mammam baba were the one who introduced me to my first love. They actually made me realize how crazy I was about him. And now I know exactly when the travel bug bit me. Yes, the ‘travel bug’. What were you thinking? Travel, has and will always be our, I mean both of our first and last love. Thank God mammam baba traveled so much with me even when I was a kid. Even in those times of financial crisis, they used to save money just to travel. Unlike other mothers, mammam spent more on holidays rather than jewellery or sarees. That is how this passion imbibed inside me. I still can’t believe I left my pretty stable job and joined a travel magazine, in 2014 just because there was a lot of travelling involved. How stupid I was to keep day dreaming about going to events happening at other cities and countries. I worked my a** off and took over times just to impress my bosses, took up other colleague’s assignments too thinking they would send me to cover outstation events. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at my stupidity. Remember when my first outstation assignment came? I was so excited. Ya it was a trip to Haridwar and I had been there about trillion times earlier but it was travel anyway, my first love. Remember? 12-13 hours of events coverage, sometimes without weekly offs, reporting, writing and everything with dedication for them continued for 2 more years. Finally my patience paid off with my first international trip to Maldives. Couple of domestic trips followed too. Everything was going fine. I was happy. But…

Travel could not solve financial crunch na? So, what could I do? I was left with no choice. I had to take up this other job for the sake of a better profile and money too. Okay, fine I admit. I am guilty about it now as I cheated on him. I miss him so much but I am stuck with this corporate job. It’s been 2 years now but nothing has happened. There’s been a dry spell; can’t do it anymore. Stop laughing ok?

I want to declare it to the world that I want to be with him again. Travel; the smell of the sea, the chill at the top of the mountains, I want everything. I am ready for a commitment. Yes I am indeed. So, after everything, now I have created an Instagram blog that will tell everyone about our love story and my first and only love. I have joined Tripoto too, my love’s family, and it’s now my family too. So, it’s an end to all my fear, confusion and everything negative. But an end always has a new beginning. Right? So, here's to my new beginning. No stopping here after. My life is dedicated to him now… Travel for life. Travel to love and just travel and be happy!!! 

Yours truly,



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