Life and a Bungee Jump!

Photo of Life and a Bungee Jump! 1/1 by Mohit Sewani
It's just not the jump that made this happen, it's something else!

Many of us in life who seek a little bit of adventure in whichever ways possible, would always have thought of doing a Bungee Jump. Many could do it, many are still planning and there might be many who went there, got on the edge but backed off.

Now let’s talk about a different perspective, how many of us have actually thought of moving to an entirely different city where you hardly know people, away from the people you know, you share a bond with, basically your comfort zone. Many of us have got a chance to do that with different jobs, same job transfers or anything else. And also, most would have declined the option just because you have to start all over again from scratch. New people, new work culture, new freaking challenges to deal with.

When you are on the edge, be it that Bungee jump or taking an entirely different turn in life, you have infinite thoughts in mind. How’s it like jumping off that cliff, how’s like moving to that entirely new city, Will I get a back problem due to that insane jerk; accommodation issues, relocation, problems of dealing with new set of colleagues and new work targets.

There are people around who say that just jump bro, and witness how your life changes. You know stories of many people who just took that shift in life and are now doing so well and you are still trying to let go off things but just can’t do it. There are demons around in people, surroundings but the greatest of them all, your own thoughts that keep on stopping you from going on that extra bit.

Everything said and done, you finally reach the spot from where you have to take that jump. You have won over your thoughts to reach here but my friend, the fight is going to get tougher from here. You have made a decision to take that shift in life and finally the day is about to come. You are finally gathering your breath. In life, you try to store all those moments and memories which were a part of the life you were living. You are waiting for you turn. The countdown to that new life has begun. Innumerable thoughts, words, people and a rocking heartbeat.

Your chance has arrived. The Bungee crew is attaching all the harnesses to your body. Time has come to pack your bags. With every harness tied to your body and every piece of cloth and accessories you put in that bag, your heart rate increases. You start thinking of all the happy moments in life you are going to miss. Before the jump too, you think about the special moments in your life and the things you should have done, because if something happens to your life, it’s the end. (Nothing like this can happen but the thought definitely comes to our mind).

Then your crew says, get up and walk till the edge. Booking that Uber, reaching the station and boarding that flight or train. The journey is in short a flashback of all the best and the worst moments of your life here. That slow and short walk to the edge is the longest and hardest of them all.

Now if you think, that you’ll just jump off in the unknown without thinking of anything, and make that happen, wait, there’s one more trap, a demon waiting to be fought. The crew member says that he will count 3-2-1 and you would have to jump, if you don’t, you will have one more chance to be at the edge and jump and still if you don’t, you’ll have to back off and won’t get a refund. It’s just like that last option you get to extend your flight, an altogether different option at an entirely different place and you are again in to 2 minds. Whether to just let go or wait till the second chance.

Who knows that you’ll surely make that jump in the second turn, who knows that the other option you have is a better one. What if you couldn’t jump or the second option was never there, you have wasted your chance to overcome that last demon and change your life. You fail.

But hey, the crew guy has just said that, the ball is still in your coat. So you are on the edge, the flight is about to take off. 3, the flight is set for the run way, 2, the flight has gained speed and 1, the flight takes off and you take that big jump.

Things are difficult that is a fact. Till the time you have your first jerk, your heartbeat just stops and you can’t utter a word. There are initial hiccups when everything has changed for you, but trust me, after the first big jerk, everything’s back to normal and you are back in your senses. You realize that you have finally made the jump and then enjoy the swings further. In life also, after the initial hiccups and settling problems, you are back to normal and enjoy the newness in life.

You are down and when you look up, you feel that you conquered all your demons and made that move. You have that big bright smile on your face and you want to scream out loud and tell the whole world that you made it. In life too, when you get success after that bold move of yours, you realize how you overcame every little thing that was stopping you and finally changed your life.

If you think the article is over, wait. Throughout the things happening in this article, there would always be that one person or many who would always push you to make that move and may have helped you in overcoming your demons. They are the ones with whom you have that last hug, a kiss and that one final goodbye. It may be your special friend, your gf/bf, your colleague, roommate etc and if the bond is strong, it may get even stronger with distance as the next time you guys meet, you would respect each other more. Never let those special people go away from your life. Those last little moments are very special.

So guys, just one last thing, if you get that opportunity to change everything around you and make an alien move, just do it. It may me a new city, new job, new relationship, choosing entrepreneurship over job or following your passion. It may or may not be good but the fact that you had that daring to make it happen, that will take you places because every time in life, that last hug is followed by a new handshake.

Just jump and let it all go!

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