Life is in trouble but keep the lamp of hope alive and keep moving

11th Jun 2019
Photo of Life is in trouble but keep the lamp of hope alive and keep moving by Aman Jaiswal
Day 1

I like to travel untouched from urban life where there is nothing special for Travelers.  Jharkhand was running in the remote area.  There was a river reaching a place and from backward areas it was nearby.  It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon I sat on the shore and was sitting just listening to the streams of water and watery flour. When I was not able to sit in the sun, I started to go back to the house and go back to the spot.  Went away to a thin wall that was built on the Golden Line river and was connected to both sides and there was a stream of water flowing from it. Perhaps the whole water was flowing across the wall, it was filled with a lot of fees  Was not loaded.  And some people started passing through them on their shoulders and bicycles were equally loaded, along with women and children, I was watching behind them and for about half an hour, people kept going through it in hundreds.  When I questioned them, they came to know that the city is on the other side of the river and on this side of the village, we are people of the village. In the same way every morning, by hitting the road, crossing the wall built on this river, and visiting the city and feeding the family.  Come back in the evening.  We do not have any more facilities to come 365 days we all pass like this.  Still he was happy, we need to learn from the cry of the lack of convenience, we need to learn from them.  To fight against every condition

Photo of Jharkhand, India by Aman Jaiswal
Photo of Jharkhand, India by Aman Jaiswal
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