Like Waterfall ...Life should not flow backward #WaterfallStory #tripotocommunity

12th Aug 2021
Day 1

They says ..."There is light at the end of the tunnel"...but when you're @ Ukshi Railway Station (Near Sangmeshwar, Maharashtra on Konkan Railway route) you happen to come a cross a mesmerizing view of the milky waterfall of Ranpat village...The Ranpat (Ukshi) waterfall flow over the velvet lush green valley between the two tunnels (Tunnel #32 & 33) and this view can be enjoyed for few seconds through the train's window grills making your journey memorable.
Nearest Station: Sangmeshwar /Ukshi /Ratnagiri
Nearest bus stand: Sangmeshwar
Season to visit : Monsoon

Ranpat (Ukshi ) Waterfall near Sangmeshwar , Maharashtra

Photo of Ukshi waterfall by Sachin