#LIVE STRONG- A centurian Km ride(100Kms)


Oh yes ! A wonderful team full of life and crazy heads decided instantly a day before to peddle towards Lavasa from pune. Guess this was destined to meet these rock solid champs. This bum-Visphotak event started early morning 5.30am on 20th April 2014. It was a test I wanted to take to scale my mental strength; Deep inside my heart I somehow knew it will break me real hard but eventually it turned out to be one of the lifetime's lovely excursions. while the uphill ride(+walks lol) tore us off; we were not less than a red hot burning Ferrari while riding steep downhill at a whooping speed of close to 60 kmph..There were many a times while riding uphill when I constantly said to self: "DEAR BRAIN PLEASE SHUT UP" which was followed by " DEAR HEART PLEASE GO ON SINGING" while swifting downhill. The power of "WE" showcased in its best of value and worth in this Trip! # LIVE STRONG# KEEP RIDING# PUNE TO LONAVALA COMING SOON!!!

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