Lohgad.....long long ago


Well after a rough week in d office I was hoping for a relatively chilled out weekend.But I was uncertain as the odds were not it my favour.I was wrong.It was great fun.

It was some 9 o'clock saturday night.I was busy calling up the people who were gonna come for the trek we had organised.I got engaged in the discussion nd somehow finished my packing as I had to catch a train early on sunday.

At some 5 o'clock the next morning the alarm rang.I woke up 10 mins later as it was a practice.I quickly freshened up and started moving.By this time I had already started receiving calls from my friends who had boarded d train at Dadar.I played a prank nd said I was still sleeping.They were shocked nd thought I would miss d train.But I dint.

Only 7 of us had made it to the train going 2 Lonavala(3 guys n 4 gals),although I had planned nd predicted 10.We reached there by 8.05 and quickly ran to catch a train 2 Malavli.We were going 2 LOHAGAD.After reaching there we had a brief introduction nd started moving.We reached the base an hr later.By then we already had a break twice.We stopped there to enquire about food which we had nt carried.We didnt get d desired results.As we started ascending there was a waterfall right at the base.Some of us went into it right away.There's a quiet frnd of ours who jst cant resist d temptaion of getting in thr.I resisted mine.We moved fwd,but very soon got bored of the regular path.So we decided to take some shortcuts.We climbed most of them correctly accept 1 which almost led us 2 another place.Well then we started exploring nd found out d right path,nd then we dint take ny more shortcuts.But we did take many more breaks nd reached d top in double d time we would hv generally reached.The view was awesome.What a heavenly experience,feeling the cool breeze nd d gentle shower.It was as if we were floating in d clouds.In the midst of all this a sweet inquisitive voice always fell on our ears.It was of a sweet little girl who had come there with her sis.She was very quiet in d train but unleashed herself during the trek and then blossomed at the end,sheer innocence.Moving on,we reached at d top by late noon although it dint seem to be like 1 as there was dense cloud cover.We meandered around d place a bit,explored a few points and then went 2 its village to hv food.The food was f9.Actually we ate what we generally wouldnt hv eaten at home,basically cause of 2 reasons,1 we were hungry n 2nd we hardly had ny choice.We decided to miss the other hike nd go to d caves instead.I personally wanted 2 finish it but madam refused.We had to go all d way down to the waterfall en route the caves where we had to climb steps also.We hasped and gasped nd reached the caves.They were beautifully carved out from stone with d structure intact.We spent some time thr nd thn started our return journey.We dint get a local from Malavli to Lonavla.So we caught a rick nd went 2 d stand.We bought some fudge nd chikki nd looked out for a bus tht would take us home.To our misery we wernt finding ny.All were full.We tried some private transport also.It was not be.Then we spotted a partially empty bus.We rushed to get a seat.I thought finally d trek was done without ny hitches.I was wrong.As I was trying to rush for the bus to get a seat,nd d umbrella I was carrying didnt close but broke.To my misfortune it was nt mine,it was of the same gal whose cup I had broken in d previous trek.I felt so guilty.But it was so kind of her,she dint say a word.The trek ended in a good spirit nd all seemed to be satisfied with it.

It was a good begining,1 that was memorable nd that would be continued in d future.

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