Longboard Trip Ireland with Some of Best Friends

21st Sep 2017

We have decided to go to the Ireland for a long trip with some of friends. We are students. Last day one of our friend told that we should go to a long trip. He told that we can go to Ireland this my post on longboard you can read it https://theodgeeks.com/best-longboards/

Photo of Longboard Trip Ireland with Some of Best Friends 1/1 by John Melton

Most of the people are confusing about our decisions but in September at Ireland most of the skateboarder go to Ireland for a big participation. We are not big player our main target is to see the tournament.

We also decided to see the natural beauty of Ireland. Most of the people believe that Ireland is the most beautiful country. So it is also our big target.

There are many places are to see in Ireland in just 5 days we can't see all but we will try to cover some historical and other known area. If anybody know about the best place in Ireland then comment below and suggest us.

Our main problem is that we don't know that which hotel will be the best for stay because we are newbie. So please recommend us some hotel name as we can stay in the hotel.

Off topic: Help needed!!

Day 100

I know that many people will see my trip as a result I am writing my problem. Most of the people have some problem with back pain. I am also a patient for this problem if anybody know about the remedy on it then you can suggest me.

Most of the people suggest me to use the inversion table can I use them? Please inform me our valuable opinion.

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