Looking for Day-use Hotels in Sector 29, Gurugram? Come To Lemon Tree Hotels


Being a city flocked with business travelers Gurugram has lots of accommodation places for its visitors. But when it is about luxury hotels with all modern business amenities at cost-effective prices, the numbers drops to a few. The figures also shrink when someone is looking for a day use hotels in Gurugram in Sector 29. 

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Although there are only a few Gurgaon sector 29 hotels, and most of them are not comfortable for business travelers, the best in the city is also in the area. Lemon Tree Hotels, which has seven luxury hotels in Gurugram, has three hotels in Sector 29. All of these hotels are popular among business as well as leisure travelers. 

Lemon Tree Premier in Leisure Valley 2

The luxury hotel is located in the north of Gurugram from where all prime business locations, such as Unitech Business Park, Signature Towers and Cyber City, are at close distance. In addition to premium accommodation amenities, the hotel has an award-winning restaurant offering delicious dishes.

Lemon Tree Premier in Leisure Valley

The luxury hotel, which is also close to all prime locations of Gurugram, is a perfect accommodation place for business and leisure travelers. All of its rooms are spacious with all the basic facilities. Services, like day-use, could also be availed here.

Lemon Tree Premier in City Center

Being close to airport and other prime places of the city, this Lemon Tree Hotels is among the most renowned upscale business and leisure hotels in the city. In addition to friendly in-room amenities, guests can also use the chain’s personalized services here.

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