Looking For Hotel Accommodation in Bangalore? Read This Before You Proceed

14th Sep 2016

The world has become a selfish place. Not only is it difficult to trust your neighbours, or not only are brothers becoming the enemies of brothers, but it’s the time when noble professions like that of teachers and doctors are also trying to capitalize on opportunities. At such times, sometimes it feels like a curse to be born so late. Sometimes I seriously wish what a life it would have been if I was born say 100 years before I actually did?

Well, recently, I felt that the tales about Kalyug and Satyug are kind of true. I felt so when I went to Bangalore for a day. I needed hotel accommodation in Bangalore as I had my flight from Bangalore to Amsterdam the following day. So I looked for hotel in Bangalore near airport and booked this Lemon Tree Hotel impressed with the positive reviews.

I stayed for a night, took a nice long swim at their pool, enjoyed my meals and had an uninterrupted sleep. Next morning, I checked-out and accidently left my passport at the reception counter. I took their transport service for airport and left as I had to check-in for my flight. I reached on time only to realize my passport was missing. As I reached my mobile phone to call, I saw 13 missed calls from an unknown number. That was Lemon Tree Hotel’s number I got to know about the passport when I called them back. They immediately sent a guy in another car to the airport who reached me with my passport to ensure I don’t miss my flight. Even on offering, they refused to take any extra payment for this, the staff humbly smiled and wished me a safe journey.

Who would do that for anyone? Are we in Satyug already? I would be crazy if I don’t stay in Lemon Tree Hotel ever again, of course, I’ll be careful with my travel documents this time around.

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