Looking out for something DIFFERENT- It's your own place which holds the magic within.


​Do you also feel as if the place you live in has lost its charm? Then, welcome! This is exactly how I used to feel until now!

I have traveled so many times on this same route but I never thought of looking at it differently. I never really saw it as something special. But today when my earphones aren't working, I am going to see through the mediocrity of this place.

Even in this unexpected heat in the month of February, people are not stopping from doing their everyday thing. They are looking past these waves of heat and they are on their vehicles trying to see it as any other day. The tress are still the same, the roads lead you to the same place, the buildings are still there. Because of the monotony of this place, it has lost its charm. Everybody is so busy in seeing what they want in life that they have forgotten to look even for once to what's around them. I get it, that the trees aren't changing everyday and the view is always the same but have we ever stopped and observed this so called boring surrounding even for once? Have we tried to look beyond what we see through the corner of our eyes everyday while we are busy scrolling the social media feeds? Maybe it's saying something to us. Maybe we just need to hear. The roads always lead to the same place but maybe that's because we aren't ready to take the same road to somewhere else. We are travelling on the same path. We don't look at the people, we never look at the sky, we ignore the birds, the clouds and we ignore every possibility of making this place something special.

Today I saw a bunch of people waiting under the shade of a tree. I saw two workers talking to each other and their third partner sitting at the corner. Today I saw a kid pumping air in the tyre of his stall and 3 adults sitting right behind him and ignoring him. I saw a guy running on the road being all happy and I saw someone getting off from a car with sadness on his face. Maybe it's not about the uniqueness of the place, maybe it's the monotony which makes it so special because only in a day like any other day you can dare to look out for something different. That's exactly what I did today. So, do you have the guts to look up and observe something new in your same old path?

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