Lord Howe's Island

29th Aug 2014
Photo of Lord Howe's Island by Ankita Misra

Capella Lodge

Photo of Lord Howe's Island by Ankita Misra

View of Ball's Pyramid

Photo of Lord Howe's Island by Ankita Misra

Islands, islets and rocks! That is mostly what Lord Howe's Island is all about. Since I am deeply fascinated by the far reached water bodies and roads less travel, Lord Howe's Islands becomes the perfect definition of vacation for two. May you be planning for a family holiday, an adventure week out or even a romantic getaway, this Island is sure to never disappoint you. The Island is not very big...not more than 3kms. in width and is a remnant of a volcano. Daily flights from parts of Australia and New Zealand are the best way to get to Lord Howe's in about 2 to 3 hours. 

Coral reef region at one ends, endless forest and greenery on the other. There is noway one can ask for more. The best part about this island is that since it is under one of the UNESCO for World Heritage Sight for Natural Significance, this makes it well conserved and regulated. With population of not more than a few hundreds (around 400), Lord Howe's Islands only allows about 400 visitors at any given time . This strict regulation helps in maintaining the Natural Significance of the region and not over exploiting it. If you plan to be in Lord Howe's for a week, be sure to count on a few check points:

1. Only Austrailian Dollars are accepted on the Island. Travellers Cheque or other modes of payment or currency are difficult to be accepted.

2. Most people get around to places on foot or bicycles, carry your trekking shoes and complete kit along as the island is also known for Hiking, Bird watching, Fish-feeding and many more water sports. Mt. Gower is best known for one day hiking. 

3. And most importantly, NO MOBILE PHONE COVERAGE. Although public telephone booths are available.

20kms of coast of Lord Howe's Island, Balls pyramid is highly recommended for a boat ride to see up close.Just by looking at it you can understand that this may be a part of a huge rock... or may be a volcano on a closer observation. Well, it as a matter of fact is a remain of a volcano. Rainbow runners, violet sweep and amberjacks are one of the few rarely found water creatures that one can sight here.
Photo of Ball's Pyramid by Ankita Misra
If there's one word to describe Ned's Beach, it will be Paradise. One of the most beautiful and pristine beaches you will probably ever see. With feeding school of fish by your own good hands as an added activity, Ned's beach is also one of the most entertaining beaches on this island. Sadly, camping is not allowed on anywhere on this island!
For scuba diving lover, Tenth of June island of admirality groups is the best place to be. Known for its pinnacle diving, one can witness the huge sea stack that this island houses.
The highest point at lord howe's islands, Mt. Gower serves as a wonderful one day hiking experience. Its a ten hour return trek to the north of the island (which is where all the accommodations are) from Mt. Gower in the south. Natural untouched beauty and a panorama so serene with leave you more breathless in excitement than the fatigue from the trek.
Photo of Mount Gower by Ankita Misra
A grand patio, Mt. Gower facing Terrace, Infinity pool and nine elegantly designed beach suites that are inspired by beach house architecture. Spoil yourself with sunbathing, relaxing spa, sumptuous food and head out t outdoors all at the same time.
Photo of Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia by Ankita Misra
Photo of Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia by Ankita Misra