Los Angeles: Beyond the Hollywood Fanfare


When you are in Hollywood, or even the city it is located in, you have to know that every other landscape is no less than a stage which leads to the live screening of the many adventures which the tourists embark upon here. One such liberating podium is the Runyon Canyon. Located just a few blocks away from the Hollywood Boulevard, it is known for its low-key ambience and the widespread natural cover that gets pleasantly overwhelming at times. Get your cheap flights to Los Angeles booked today to reap its benefits tomorrow.

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Hiking is a popular activity in this star-studded metropolitan. Both locals and celebrities love to hike around these woods to make their not so busy days even more rejuvenating. You can join the leagues of these hiking aficionados by planning a trekking experience of your own around this urban park that is so secluded from the main city that chances are you might run into a superstar or two who are somehow still captured loitering around these arenas. Tickets to Los Angeles are often just a free pass for star gazing for most of the smitten fans and you get the chance to do so while pumping fresh oxygen as you finish yet another lap of your uphill journey.

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It is open every single day from early morning to late in the evening. It is also reminiscent of the old Hollywood and hence you will be able spot a string of old mansions fashioned in the most glamorous way of their times. Flights to Los Angeles are more or less like playing hide and seek with the silver screen since you can find it in one or the other form every step of the way. Even when you are catching your breath after reaching the top, you can still see the omnipresent Hollywood sign giving you that prima donna look.

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