Los Angeles, what to see: the Museum of Natural History

28th Feb 2018

Los Angeles is like Rome. Only in the Californian city instead of domus, during the excavations are the remains of giant mammoths.

Photo of Los Angeles, what to see: the Museum of Natural History 1/1 by Endri Hasanaj
Los Angeles

It is the recent discovery in Los Angeles and it is one of the most important fossils ever found in California. The mammoth was discovered underground in the city of the Angels during some excavation works for the extension of a subway line: it is a skull complete with tusks of a young mammoth that must have lived in an era included between 300,000 and 2 million years ago.

The remains, besides being important from the historical and scientific point of view, also serve to understand where California was located before the last glaciation.

At the moment the young mammoth is being studied, then transferred to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Natural History Museum: here you can satisfy all the curiosity about the history and prehistory of the Americas. The gigantic museum, the largest in the western United States, covers 4.5 billion years of history. Here are the remains of a huge triceratops, a very long mamenchisaurus and a mammoth tyrannosaurus Rex.

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