Paragliding in Bir Billing - World's 2nd Highest Paragliding Spot

10th Dec 2016
Photo of Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India by LoveTravelSolo

An amazing experience to have if you are an adventure freak and a nature lover.

If you are planning a trip to McLeodganj India, spare a day for this exciting one day affair with the sky, wind and the beauty of the nature.

Bir Billing is world’s 2nd highest point for paragliding at a height of 2400m (8500 feet) from the sea level. It is a bit scary in the beginning when your pilot instructs you to just run into the valley and run till the time your feet touches the ground. Isn’t it super exciting, running into nowhere at a height of 8500 feet? Trust me, it is worth every penny you would spend to get here.

Imagine the experience of a bird who flies in the open sky. Paragliding will take you to the pinnacle of excitement and thrill. Check out the below links and imagine what you have been missing upon:

Take-off Video

Landing Video

Some important points:

Paragliding Cost – Rs.1800-2500 [an additional Rs.500 if you need a HD video recording]

Estimated time in air – 20-25 mins

Distance from McLeodganj – 67 km [2 hrs-2.5 hrs]

Travel cost from McLeodganj

¤ By rental bike – Rs. 700-800 (an additional Rs.350-400 for fuel)

¤ By private taxi – Rs. 1800-2500

¤ By state bus – Rs. 150-200 (one side)

Paragliding booking – There are a number of dealers at Main Square, McLeodganj where you can book your adventure stint or you can reach directly at Bir and meet some dealers on the spot.

Best time to visit – April to June and mid September to mid November

*More the sunshine, the higher you could fly.

**Paragliding and bike/taxi rent could vary depending upon your bargaining skills.

How to travel Bir Billing from McLeodganj

Hire a bike – You can easily hire a bike for a road trip to Bir Billing. The rent would be Rs.700-800 and the fuel cost would be Rs. 350-400. A number of shops at the main square would provide you this service. The roads are pretty smooth and you can easily follow the sign boards on the road to reach Bir. But, in this digital world, google maps is the best option to navigate. Check out the condition of the roads in the below links before thinking about the road trip:

Hire a taxi – You can hire the taxi from the same dealers. This would cost you around Rs.1800-2500.

State bus service – There is no direct bus from McLeodganj to Bir. You have to take a local bus from McLeodganj bus stand to Dharamshala. From here, you can take bus for either Palampur or Baijnath where you can take the bus for Bir.

You may leave a comment below if you have any queries. I would be happy to help you.

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