Low-Budget Traveling: See more, spend less!


“Make traveling free and you’ll never see me here!”

There’re millions of people out there nowadays who’d really love this statement to come true. Most of us are literally obsessed with the whole idea of touring around the planet, visiting exotic places here and there, to saturate our lifetime by exploring all the beauty of the world and yet, far not everyone can afford this luxury. Traveling means money. A lot of it.

Nevertheless, you may be astonished if I say it is not all about money. If you really want to do it, you can find many ways of traveling on a budget that can hardly be called wide. Furthermore, you can find out some great tips and life hacks on how to travel with low budget and saving up a fortune. Below is a list from https://vipbrides.com/blog/ that can teach you how to travel with low budget and still make the best of it.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to carry out a good deal of research on the best places to travel on a budget you may have already formed , include all the basic expense items, ticket prices, accommodation and food options. Some places and countries are always way affordable to go to than the others. If you’re planning to go to Asia, you are most likely to choose Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand or somewhere nice and warm in India. Peru in South America and Greece in Europe are also some economical enough locations. Plan. Search. Decide.

Step 2

Always stay eager for the deals. Most travel agencies and websites come out with pretty much attractive “hot” offers on ticket prices and housing costs. You can also subscribe to their mailing lists so that you can be constantly informed about the latest and most advantageous suggestions. You may have heard of some people who’d booked their return tickets between two countries for as low as about $105 for two with the help of an online offer.

Step 3

I’d really recommend you to stick with other people when going on a long journey. You may claim that solo traveling is a lot more exciting and less stressful, but then it can also cost you an arm and a leg. When you are on a cruise with a group of fellow travelers, you can share rooms, save up a pretty sum on hiring a transport and oftentimes can also leave some extra money in your pocket you might have paid for food. If you’ve decided to go traveling on your own, you can look for places that allow you to share the living space with other people just like hostels. Figure out for the ways to save on taxis and other transport transfers to lower the bills you’re paying.

Step 4

Conduct a thorough investigation of the place you’re going to visit for some free tourist attractions that you can enjoy there. Every location has some amazingly beautiful spots that travelers can run through without paying for anything. For example, if you are in Singapore, you can’t possibly miss out an enthralling (and free) laser show at Marina Bay Sands or the magnificently attracting silence of Gardens by the Bay. Moreover, every spot you visit has some useful quirks about it. In most countries of Europe, you can get some cheap drinks at the bar. In addition, search the Internet for the “tipping culture”. Don’t overuse it. Because, in some countries like Japan tipping is reviewed as an offense, whereas in Europe you really don’t need to practice it as much as in the United States.

Step 5

In order to learn how to travel on a budget that’s minimal, make sure you shop at the low-priced stores. If you plan a trip to a few countries, focus on buying stuff where it is slightly cheaper. What’s more, regarding souvenirs and gifts, you can look out for those in departmental stores and local markets which are not as pricy as the showrooms and bazaars oriented for the tourist flow. After that, always be prepared to bargain if there is an opportunity for some haggle. In Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and India, you can purchase stuff for as less as 1/4th of the original price at times. Quick wit and smartness = huge savings.

Step 6

Another splendid idea is to travel to places where you have some friends or relatives living. Try to select places where there are people who can always help you or perhaps those you can stay with. You will consequentially save a fine sum on accommodation and food. Besides, locals can often give you a bunch of cheaper alternatives for almost everything. Thus, remember to apply to the local knowledge and it will definitely save you a dime. Or even two!

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