Macao: A must visit #20ThingILoveAboutMacao


There are a lot of things pretty special about Macao. A few are,

1. The best beaches in the world. Pretty amazing to go for a walk

2. The night parties are always fun!

3. International food courts in Taipa village

4. The flee market experience at the Taipa Village

5. Bungee jumping for sure!!

6. Macao has the mix of Portuguese and Chinese culture and heritage. Worth enjoying

7. The casinos makes it LV of Asia

8. Relax and chill at the beach resorts and massage parlours

9. The incredible view of Macao from the Macao Tower

10. Get to experience Taoism at the A-Ma temple

11. The incredible wildlife experience of Seac Pai Van wildlife park

12. There are various performances to enjoy, like opera, light and sound show etc.

13. The city is filled with rich history- always attracts me, because I love places with ancient history remains

14. Macao Lotus Flower festival is a feast to the eyes

15. Xin Xin's twins at the Macao Giant panda pavilion

16. Warner Bro's fun zone

17. Macao Grand Prix for the fun of racing

18. Tour with Macao tourism groups

19. The local Macanese cuisine is amazing

20. Last but not the least, the fireworks at the annual Macao international fireworks display contest



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