Madikeri-An escape from society

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"The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life"-Agnes Repplier

That quote exactly defines what this trip was, nothing but an impulse,an impulse to feel free and live and hope that there's more to life than a routine.A short 2 day trip away from the noise.

Madikeri or mercara is the capital of Coorg nestled away in the lap of nature.Surrounded by hills and forests, this small hill station runs nothing short of the what a perfect weekend getaway requires with waking up to the chirping of birds,sleeping under a starry sky (Which is really rare, think almost never for a city girl) combined with a heartwarming hospitality.

I stayed at a nice little home stay called The Lodge which is run by a couple who have converted their own home into a welcoming abode for travelers and tourists alike. It is situated far away from the main town giving it an over all calming effect which works great for someone who wants time off yet at a walkable distance to not make it isolated.

Raja Seat- It used to be a recreational area for the Rajas' hence the name. It gives a great view of the valley with a musical fountain every evening.Sunset time is the best and if you're looking for something more raw, there's a standing point nearby that's beautiful for photography.

Madikeri fort- The fort remains well preserved with a museum near the entrance showcasing the archaeological findings of the area and those that belonged there from various eras making it a must visit for any history buff.

Nisargadhama- It is a small island formed by the Kaveri river in Kushalnagar about 30kms away from Madikeri. It has a single entrance that welcomes you with a hanging bridge and a boating area just below. There are various paths that can be taken to explore. Highlight of this place is the river itself. There are areas where you can sit and spend hours immersing your feet into the cold water, enjoying the sun rays sneak through the canopy.

Abbi Falls- Located 8kms away from Madikeri provides a great place to literally chill out. There's a hanging bridge just opposite the falls from where you can see the magnificence of the falls. Reaching there might be hard as only rickshaws take you there.Those of you on a budget may want to reconsider this.

Apart from these, Madikeri boasts of a variety of temples with a beautiful mix of different architectural styles, the most famous one being Omkareshwara temple.

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