Mahayana Resort- Rishikesh

19th Apr 2019

Like most of Delhites, I also went for weekend getaway as it was long weekend. For the first time, travelling to a place didn't feel right. For the first time, I wanted to go back home. Everything was wrong from the very beginning and then, on top of that, I got to stay at this resort called Mahayana Resort.

The resort has got nothing which would classify it as resort except the area of the property. They have maintained the garden area well. That's it. There is literally no other thing which could classify it as "Resort". Let me tell you why:

1. The geyser does not work in some of the rooms. "The manager was like if you do not want to stay then, leave!"

2. They do not have mini-fridge in most of their rooms

3. They neither have steam iron nor a basic press.

4. They have payment issues- they only take cash. Imagine to carry 40,000 in cash for the payment. Ridiculous enough? I know!

5. They claim to have Ganga view but there is no Ganga except for small stream.

6. The worst part?? The food SUCKS. They can not get anything right except veg maggie. Not even a single thing.

And guess what, how much do they charge for one room per night! Five fucking Thousand for nothing. I mean guys, you can travel to best of the best locations, places to stay at but even after such poor services, they charged FIVE THOUSAND.

Guys, do not stay here. Do not trust google pictures.

Choose some other property and make your experiences better than mine.

If you guys have nay questions, mail me or drop a text @_ekbanjaaran__

Happy Travelling!

The only thing which is good here- The garden area- The view which gave me high hopes about the place.

Photo of Mahayana Resort, Paliyal Gaon, Uttarakhand, India by EkBanjaaran
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thanks for reviewing this resort...whole tripoto community should avoid stay at this place.
Mon 04 22 19, 23:39 · Reply (1) · Report
There are other reviews as well. Check those out. Hope my blogs help you in making your travel easy and comfortable with less expenses. If you find the blogs worthy enough, please share my content. Thanks.
Tue 04 23 19, 10:58 · Report