Majuli to Mokokchung | Vlog 14 | #Tourof2017

30th May 2017

Continuing my motorcycle journey through North-East India.

I spent a day exploring the island of Majuli (in Assam) - said to be the largest river island in the world. This piece of land mass in the River Brahmpautra, is a world in itself, retaining a strong sense of culture, community and skillsets from an era gone by. The people were lovely, and their way of life, intriguing.

Then the rain came down hard and I was told that it was best to leave before the ferries were affected. So, I hopped back on one and went back to the Mainland.

On the way, I met some people who suggested an interesting route into Nagaland. What they told me about caught my attention and so I decided to go see what it was like for myself.

Things started off okay, but soon I found myself all alone in what I could only describe as a jungle, slowly ploughing my way through slush that was passed off as a road. It was a slightly anxious day of riding, but the views were mesmerising. And I eventually managed to make it to Mokokchung safely.

An incredible few days, to say the least.