Malaysia tour is incomplete if you miss these 6 destinations


The cosmopolitan of Malaysia abounds in exciting tourist attractions and it is often confusing for tourists to choose the best places to visit first.

Get best deals on the holiday package Malaysia and include these 6 must-see places in it:

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1. A Famosa: Famosa is a historical fortress that is located in the Malaysian capital city of Malacca. The four-towered Famosa was built in 1500 by the Portuguese and later had its fate controlled by the Dutch and British. Over the centuries, it has become a symbol of the past and provides an insight into the city’s history. Although the structure is in ruins, it still manages to pique interests among the curious tourists and historians alike.

2. Central market: This vibrant market is situated in the city of Kuala Lumpur and is a buzzing hub of activities. The market is filled with food stalls and items of arts and artefacts. The grouping of the stalls on lanes is based on the ethnic races in Malaysia. You will find numerous stalls of handicrafts, wooden artefacts, clothing, batiks and jewellery items. If you are an art lover then you should visit the Annexe, which is a space that showcases the art of local artists. Include this colourful place in your Malaysia tour package without a miss.

3. Mulu Caves: Situated in the Gunung Mulu national park in the Malaysian Borneo, these amazing caves are set amidst mountainous equatorial rainforests. The Sarawak chamber which is the largest cave chamber in the world is one among the underground caves found in the park. The place emits a mysterious vibe which further enhances the natural beauty of the Mulu Caves. If you like thrills and adventure then you should not forget to include it in your Malaysia holiday package.

4. George Town: the place happens to be the capital of the Penang state. The place is named after King George III of Britain and is a place with immense historical significance. Historians and tourist who have an interest in art and history would be mesmerised with the stunning architecture of the buildings and structures of the old part of the town.

5. Mount Kinabalu: Situated at a height of 4,095 meters, Mount Kinabalu is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure souls. This is the highest mountain in Borneo and has an extremely rich and colourful biodiversity with more than 600 types of species of ferns, 100 types of mammals and around 326 species of birds. The tranquil scenic locales of the mountains are perfect for newlyweds who are at a honeymoon in Malaysia. Mountaineering, trekking and other forms of adventure sports can be enjoyed by the adventure seekers at Mount Kinabalu.

6. Sipadan: The tourist spot is situated in the Celebes Sea and is claimed to be one among the best diving spots in the world. The place is a healthy hub of rich marine life and is home for over 3000 species of fish and over hundreds of corals; you may witness the underwater life from a very close proximity if you partake in a diving expedition in this area. Enthusiastic divers may come across manta rays, green turtles, hawksbill and whale sharks. Include this place in your Malaysia honeymoon package and have a rather adventurous honeymoon.

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