Maldives : the turtle nomads

20th Dec 2014
Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

touchdown maldives!!!

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

look at the difference color in the sea

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

sun bathing on the rooftop of the ferry boats

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

the island on south male atoll

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

arriving in maafushi island

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

fulidhoo walking

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

the wonderful beach in fulidhoo

Photo of Maldives : the turtle nomads by hide in a chair

there are 3 types of traveling in Maldives

1. the resort playah. people come to the airport, they have the resort speed boat pick them up and directly taking them into their resort (one resort, one island) where they spend minimum 200$ per night, but they have everything there, free food, free alcohol (which you cant get anywhere else, its a moeslem country, they dont drink), maybe additional excurcion, and water sports 

2. budget trips, when you take local ferry to Maafushi island, and stay at a guest house for 65$ per night, have lunch in a cheap food stall and have dinner in fancy restaurant, with excurcion of group that cost 20$ perperson

3. and then there is us, THE TURTLE NOMADS, we bring our own home a.k.a tent a.k.a Pato, we take local ferry to local island, we look arounf a good place and set up our tent, sleep in the tent, and use the washroom in the mosque, there is a reason why we set our tent so close to the mosque. we eat one plate for both of us, only in cheap places, we eat peanuts and dried food when hungry, we charged our phone anywhere there is free plugs. we use the plugs in the food stall, ferry, and other place,,, be shameless is the key. we sometimes use the shower in the place that we eat. and at night we set the tent, and in the morning we fold it again,,, oohh yeah

the trip starts in Chennai (India) - sri lanka - maldives - sri lanka - back to chennai

here is the itenarary

chennai to sri lanka we had a few hours transit, so we decided to look around the nearest city which is Negombo, situated 15 minutes away from the airport, and cost 300 sri lankan rupees with auto rickshaw (tuk tuk). warning, before come to sri lanka, exchange the indian ruppes before, due to the war between tamil and sri lanka, they dont have a good relations regarding the currency also

negombo --> sight seeing place for 6 hours transit = lewis place, go to one of the resort, grab a Lion beer and a cabana, and enjoy the beach

on the way to maldives

hulhule --> airport island, take 15 minutes ferry ride to male, and spend time in male for a night

male --> 20$ guest house, and lovely dinner with ice cream

Fulidhoo --> cost 53 maldivian rufiyas with local ferrry and it takes 3 hour to get there, since its in another atoll. set up the tent in front of the mosque, and enjoy the island

maafushi --> snorkle our way in the lovely beach in maafushi. warning : since its a public beach, no bikini, must wear proper outfit

Valhalla --> this is actually a made up name that me and my friend victor made, because the sand banks is sooo damn beautiful and heavenly we decided to called them valhalla which means a heaven for the nordics

villivaaru --> this is an uninhabited island, i dont really like it here, simply because there are too many mosquitos attacking me, well it is inhabited, so no human being lives there

gulhi --> the best island evaaahh,, see more on the description

back to male, and the airport

sri lanka trip

Tangalle--> this happens by accident, we suppose to stop in Galle, but since we are both tired, we slept on the bus, and dont realize that we missed galle, eventhough the bus conductor already screamed GALLE GALLE

Mirissa --> we dont have a good experience here, we just walk along the beach, victor dropped his pants, the only amazing thing here is the egg kottu yumm

galle --> very peculiar place, with no cheap guesthouses, anyway pretty cool with the galle fort and everything

Unawatuna --> the best spot in sri lanka!!!!! nuff said

Colombo --> depressing place, with plenty of casinos (i actually went into one), and we stayed in a "red light district" holy hell that was scary

chennai --> fun time over for all

this is the island where the budget travellers stays in, they have guesthouses ranging from 65$ - 200$ per night. there are also plenty of excurcion place here, like sand banks, snorkling, whale swimming and many more. there are also a place to eat that is cheap, and delicious,,,
this is the first island that i visit, purely local island, there are only me and victor, and another italian couple visiting this island, they have one lovely side of beaches, but the other side is filled with trash, there are no snorkling spot in this island, but the view of the beach is breathtaking
the reason why we came to male is purely for transit, we spend one night when we arrive in maldives, and we spent another day before we leave maldives, male is the closest island from the airport island, only 15 minutes away. and you can find everything here like souvenirs, snorkling gear cool restaurants and cafes,, the cheap guest houses cost 20 $ per night with AC and pretty big bed,
i must say that gulhi is my favourite island,, awesome views, awesome snorkling spot, and just perfect for relaxation. we had our christmas dinner here in the beach villa owned by a chineese lady named Tina who is sooo nice to us. the people are also nice, because they didnt say anything when we set up the tent during daylight and wash our laundry and hang them on the tress, ahaha
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