MALVAN- Private beach under 3000

21st Jan 2017
Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 by Vibha Singh

Yes.. !! You heard that right.. !! A private beach. Malvan, this coastline is located to the southern part of Maharashtra well known for its historical fort Sindhudurg and MALVANI food.

Malvan was on my bucket list of places to travel as I love to explore beautiful places, so this time me and my friends decided to travel to MALVAN.

We started to plan for the trip way early so that we could enjoy the beauty of the place.So, without wasting anymore time we got our train tickets well in advance,its a little more then an overnight travel to Tarkarli if you choosing to travel by train.

Travelling options :

1. By road : 15-17hrs to reach Tarkarli from Mumbai.

2. By train : 10-12hrs from Mumbai to Kudal, take a bus/auto from the railway station to reach tarkarli. Public transports are easily available at a frequency of 15mins from Kudal railway station to Tarkarli,and is also the cheapest option available.

We had our resorts booked in Tarkarli, a week before the trip.There are very few fancy resorts in Tarkarli with pools and other such facilities,mostly the options available for accommodations are home-stays and these are really light on your pocket.

As we approached the resort,our ears could hear the invite of the waves,the scent of the sea breeze was fresh in the air. The mesmerizing view of the sea cooling your eyes with its wondrous blue color and the never ending vast seashore. The home stay which we booked was right on the beach, rich with coconut trees and snow white sand giving us a view of the misty sea. To our surprise the beach was empty with only few locals drying there fishing net's.The resort gave us the feeling of a private beach,the hammock with breathtaking view,the gushing sound of the waves. A Perfect Vacation!!

Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 1/5 by Vibha Singh
Babala Resort, Tarkarli
Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 2/5 by Vibha Singh

We reached the resort around 12 in the noon.After settling with the luggage's, we decided to go for water sports and scuba diving. The owner of the resort gave us contact numbers of people who would help us with the activities. He asked us to wait for the boat at the beach which will take us to the Sindhdurg fort where the scuba diving activity would take place.The ride from the beach to the fort was amazing and refreshing,we arrived at the place for diving. The boats where all lined up with people waiting for their turn to jump in to the sea.

Before the dive in to the sea,a small training was conducted so that we don't panic on going inside the sea. Each person was accompanied by a professional diver, these people helped us with the training and took us under the sea. The view was just amazing below the sea,beautiful corals ,colorful fishes roaming around you. The package for diving includes photos and videos of yours which will be clicked under water so, do not forget to carry a memory card to collect your photographs from them. After all of us completed our turns of diving we were dropped at the beach by the same boat.Some of my friends decided to go for other sports and the rest of us headed to the resort to fill our stomach with the delicious home cooked food available at the resort.

The food at the resort was made by the owner themselves, so before leaving for scuba diving we collectively gave them the number of plates we would need for both veg and non-veg thali. On returning we literally hogged on to the lunch as it was quite late by the time we came back from diving,it would approximately take 2-3 hours depending on the number of people present at that time for diving.

Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 3/5 by Vibha Singh

After completing the mouth watering lunch,we made ourselves comfortable on the hammock and enjoyed the sunset view from the resort. Very soon the sun disappeared and the cold wind started to blow making us shiver and pull our jackets. The night was spent gazing the sky covered with millions of stars and enjoying the beach view.

It is an amazing place to visit which isn't heavy on your pocket and also a weekend get away.Please leave a comment if you would like to know about the resort we stayed in. :)

Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 4/5 by Vibha Singh
Photo of MALVAN- Private beach under 3000 5/5 by Vibha Singh
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