Manali: Backpacking Center and Honeymoon Destination

Photo of Manali: Backpacking Center and Honeymoon Destination 1/1 by Baisakhi Chatterjee

Manali is one name that is very commonly spoken of and heard when it comes to the discussion of tourism in India, and rightly so because this place is visited by thousands each year regardless of the time of the year. This article talks about the best time to visit the hill station and the various other things the hill station offers its visitors.

Situated on the river Beas, the popular hill station of Manali is one of the most talked about and sought after tourist destination in the country. The most beautiful elements of the hill station apart from its scenic landscapes are the apple orchards, the flower gardens and also the snow-capped mountains during the winters. Manali is one of the top trekking sites which makes it one of the most favorite destinations of backpackers and adrenaline junkies. The hill station can easily be approached by a Delhi to Manali taxi and you can take the same Manali to Delhi taxi on your way out. Manali also lies in the way en route to Ladakh via Lahaul and Spiti when approached from New Delhi.

Manali sees three seasons — summers, monsoon and winters. Summers lasts from April until June with a pleasant temperature of not exceeding 25-degree-celsius and remains cool and calm. The monsoon season sees heavy rains and on some occasions, it seems landslides when heavy rains hit the hill station. The best time to visit Manali is between the months of October to March. It is during this time that the rains have gone stopped and winter slowly kicks in and you slowly start seeing some snowfall here and there especially in places with higher altitude and feel the chill of the winter winds. If you plan on visiting during the winter seasons, you will need to do some serious layering with gloves, layers of clothing, socks and mufflers as temperatures drop below freezing point

Manali offers a great assortment to choose from in the food department. From Tibetan cuisine, north Indian cuisine to Chinese and Indo-Chinese cuisines, you will see a whole lot of interesting and fusion dishes. Momos are great in the hill station and being in a cold place, you should definitely try a steaming hot bowl of Thukpa. Thukpa is a soup noodle dish with clear soup, brewed for a long time in chicken stock or vegetable stock with various other condiments and spices. The quantity of noodles are literally just a handful but the broth is the star of this dish. Manali also offers an extensive shopping experience. From jewelers at the Sultanpur market selling various jewelry and ornaments to the other markets selling warm clothes like Tibetan shawls, carpets, and caps, you can get anything at Manali

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