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25th Jan 2019
Photo of Mandawa Rajasthan - A Weekend Getaway from Delhi - Road to Taste by Road to Taste

Anniversary for a couple is as important as the marriage itself. With each passing year, the 365 days spent together are always a roller coaster ride of joy, hope, sorrow and failures together. We recently celebrated our 4 years of togetherness in Mandawa. The trip was a road trip of 3 days with Friday being an additional off. Here’s a complete itinerary guide for a weekend getaway to Mandawa.

As we keep looking for weekend getaways from Delhi or NCR, Mandawa fits the bill perfectly for a calm, peaceful and relaxing break. Day1:Mandawa is located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan and is a small town famous for its history, arts and culture.

The distance from Delhi is approximately 260kms and the driving time is around 5 and a half hours. The drive from Delhi is comfortable with a mix of 4 and 6 lane highways with a short patch of State Highway in between. We started at 7 in the morning from our place in Indirapuram and reached the Paawana Haveli by VResorts at 2 pm. This 7 hours journey included a breakfast break along with multiple photo session breaks on the way.Mandawa is best during the winters.

With the onset of October till the end of February, the town can be explored with ease as the sun is not too harsh during the day time. We traveled in the last week of January and the days were pleasant with cold evenings.

Mandawa is known for the havelis and the Mandawa Fort. A town full of history, Mandawa has different havelis, each with a story behind it. We dedicated the second day of our visit to explore the havelis of Mandawa and here are the havelis we explored:

Pawaana Haveli: A haveli turned into a resort, this was our home in Mandawa for the trip. The haveli is well maintained and has the Fresco paintings on the walls and ceilings. The haveli has a huge courtyard, a sprawling lawn and different rooms to provide you a pleasurable stay experience.

Sanehi Ram Haveli: Built in the British Times, the Sanehi Ram Haveli in Mandawa is one of the most beautiful havelis here. This haveli is well maintained and was recently renovated to restore its beauty. The haveli has many rooms, a huge verandah and the corners in the verandah are just amazing. These corners along with the doors can be used as a perfect backdrop for a beautiful capture. Sanehi Ram Haveli is one of the most Instagrammable places in Mandawa.

Chokhani Double Haveli as the name suggests is two havelis, exactly similar to each other with two different entrances. The haveli is built on the same concept of an outer courtyard followed by an alley which opens to the inner and bigger courtyard. The inner courtyard used by the women of those times where they indulged in household chores.The haveli still is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mandawa. The antiques displayed in the haveli like the manual fan in the inner courtyard from the old times is a treat to experience.

The craftsmanship in the Seth Dayaram Dedraj Goenka Haveli takes you to a beautiful era of artwork. This haveli in Mandawa is known for its carvings on the walls and pillars and it is truly mesmerizing to see such detailed work of art. The haveli is also popular for the fresco paintings on the wall. The haveli has many artifacts from the old times where you get to see the clothes, the utensils and even the full-size swing to enjoy.

A haveli turned into a hotel, the Mandawa Kothi in the town is one of the most well-kept havelis of today. The haveli has been recently renovated and the entire place looks neat and clean with the art and culture intact in the premises. The Mandawa Kothi is located right next to the PK movie in Mandawa location. This also is a famous spot for the Bajrangi Bhaijaan Mosque in Mandawa location. The door where Salman Khan comes and sits outside the mosque is right next to the Mandawa Kothi.

If you talk about the rich history of Mandawa, you cannot miss visiting the Mandawa Fort. Founded in the 18th century by Thakur Nawal Singh, this is one of the most famous forts in Mandawa. The fresco paintings on the walls and the antiques within the fort take you down the memory lane to experience the rich culture of Mandawa and Rajasthan.

Mandawa as a town has a lot of stay options to choose from. Most of these stay options help you experience the luxury and royalty as they are heritage havelis turned into hotels. Few havelis that fall under this category are the Mandawa Kothi and Paawana Haveli.

Photo of Mandawa, Rajasthan, India by Road to Taste

We chose to stay at the Paawana Haveli during our visit which is one of the properties of the V-Resorts group. Centrally located, this property is right in the middle of the local market (bazaar) and has all the famous havelis nearby.

The town can be best explored from the Paawana Haveli by either using your own conveyance or by a local transport like an auto rickshaw. We chose to cover the town by an autorickshaw which was booked for the entire day, was super convenient and immensely affordable.

So, this was our short yet memorable trip to Mandawa in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, The overall experience of celebrating our marriage anniversary with Paawana Haveli was nothing short of extremely joyful.

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