MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway

14th Mar 2019

hotel castle mandawa- a haveli turned into a hotel

Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway by Sanya Karra

Hi , I am sanya from Delhi. There are number of places around Delhi for a weekend getaway. From hills to monuments, one can find everything around the capital city. Recently , I got a chance to visit this small quaint little village named MANDAWA in Rajasthan. It is famous for its grand havelis which are now hotels for tourists. It is good for a family getaway.


I left Delhi in the morning. It took me about 5 hours to reach Mandawa. I reached Mandawa in the afternoon. We found a small haveli to stay for a night. We visited hotel castle mandawa which was a haveli turned into hotel. The movie 'AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL'' s song was shot here. One can see the entire village from its terrace. The interiors are done tastefully with both traditional and contemporary settings. They have a beautiful pool and an amazing restaurant. We went back to our haveli and took some rest and then in the evening we had some snacks and visited the local market. We bought some cotton bed sheets and traditional juttis. Then we came back to our haveli. We had dinner in the courtyard of our haveli.


We got up early morning for a camel cart ride around the village. The weather is quite pleasant here in the morning and evenings. We saw quaint little lanes, small sand dunes and so many camels. There were number of foreign tourists capturing these lanes through their cameras. This place has some influence of mughal architecture. A famous movie ' BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN' was shot here. The Pakistan shown in the movie was shot here. After exploring the town, we went back to our haveli for breakfast. Soon after, we left for Delhi.

Although there is not much to see but still this place is perfect for a break from the city life. It is so peaceful and the weather is also pleasant.

Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway 1/5 by Sanya Karra
hotel castle mandawa- stairs leading to rooms
Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway 2/5 by Sanya Karra
swimming pool - hotel castle mandawa
Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway 3/5 by Sanya Karra
old haveli turned into a hotel
Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway 4/5 by Sanya Karra
small haveli where i stayed for the night
Photo of MANDAWA- the city of havelis #offbeatgeatway 5/5 by Sanya Karra
lanes of mandawa
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