Manimahesh Trek

20th Dec 2017
Day 1

We started from Delhi in train up to Pathankot and hired a bus till Bharmour. The best part was that I went around the last week of December and it was freezing cold but totally worth.I went trekking as a part of my NCC activity and many of my friends and seniors were there with me.We got up at four in the morning, we had our breakfast and were ready in our uniform. We did some stretching and marched on. We climbed 3-4 kms upwards ,a local dog accompanying us all. Munching on to chikki,almonds, chocolates to keep the energy levels high and also saving ourselves from slipping on the snow. But because we were wearing DM boots which have heavy markings on it, the slipping reduced a lot. Singing songs, munching on nuts like squirrels we reached atop witnessing the beautiful snowcaps. We took our light lunch which we had after reaching there and played with snow afterwards.
Reaching the Basecamp was slightly easy 😂
And we reached in half the time we took to climb up.

Day 2

Second day we went to a village nearby and believe me that is the village you would want to see. It was so beautiful and that too in Winters. The coloured tiny houses, trees covered in snow. I also plucked a raw apple from the tree which was so small, cold and sweet. We were so close to the nature, the cows, the friendly furry dogs around, sun piercing through the snow looked like sparkling gold. It was all worth it.

One of the pictures I have from the trek. :)

Photo of Manimahesh Trek by Sureena Chaudhary