Marc Bombenon — Alberta Cancer Foundation


Marc Bombenon is the Chairman of Sure Call Contact Centers Ltd., a 24/7, 365 days a year call center that answers phone calls and emails for clients quickly, efficiently, and professionally. While this is currently his primary role, Marc has been a man of many trades. Over the years, he has worked in industries as varied as Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Aviation, and Strategic Planning, and has served on the boards for private companies and nonprofit organizations including the International Board of the World Presidents Organization, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and the Calgary Stampedes lottery board.

Marc Bombenon has been involved in the Telecommunications industry since the inception of his professional career. In 1982, he moved from his home city of Montreal to Calgary, where he started Page-Direct, a paging company for delivering business communications. Under Marc’s enthusiastic leadership, Page-Direct developed into a full service communications company encompassing paging, two-way radio, call center services, and cellular communications. As the company continued to grow, the name was changed to PDL Mobility and Call Centres to reflect the expanding communications products offered. In 1996, in advance of the SMS and texting proliferation on cellular phones, Marc sold his paging operations to Shaw Communications, which at the time was acquiring such companies and consolidating the paging industry in Canada. After developing PDL into a leading TELUS Mobility business partner, with multiple locations and one of the largest business to business platforms, Marc also sold the cellular division of his company between 2008 and 2010. A few years later, in 2013, Marc sold the rest of PDL to an industry consolidator in the US, and has since served as a chairman and senior business advisor.

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