McLeod Ganj is Closing its Doors on Uncontrolled Tourism This Summer


McLeod Ganj needs your cooperation as much as it needs the prayer flags

Photo of McLeod Ganj is Closing its Doors on Uncontrolled Tourism This Summer by Anshul Sharma

Summer is here already and the dormant plans to escape to the nearest hill stations will start coming to life, especially for those of us living in cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. Tourism companies, too, are gearing up to rake up the sales for weekend packages.

But the news from the North might dampen many plans, because the only connecting route between Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj is reported to be sinking dangerously fast. And in the aftermath of the road condition, the concerned authorities in McLeod Ganj have decided to clamp down on uncontrolled tourism by limiting the number of tourists vehicles entering the town each day. Don't forget to find all the important official details at the end of this piece.

What's the reason behind this?

Photo of McLeod Ganj is Closing its Doors on Uncontrolled Tourism This Summer 1/3 by Anshul Sharma
Dharamshala-McLeod Ganj road

The road to the town of Dalai Lama was not always like the way it is now. In fact, it was repaired only around a couple of months back. But the rains, landslides, and excessive vehicular movement took toll on this 10-km stretch, which is why it started caving in at some spots.

According to a newspaper report, Dharamshala-McLeod Ganj road was initially constructed to handle an average of 1,300 vehicles, but in peak tourist seasons more than 5,000 vehicles ply on this road.

The concerned voices

While this announcement might have spoiled your upcoming weekend plans, you can't deny that the locals have even bigger concerns. As this is the only route to Dharamshala, local shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and business owners are going to be hit hard if the road sinks completely. It's quite a disaster in waiting.

The official ruling

Since it's 1st April, we thought travelling community should have some fun, and you should too! April Fool, guys ;) Don't worry about McLeod Ganj shutting its doors on tourists, at least for now.

But wait, not all of this is a prank. The road connecting Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj is actually sinking and it was in the news as well a couple of weeks ago. So unless something is done to address the situation, this may well turn out to be a reality.

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oh you bastards! you got me ha ha!!
Mon 04 01 19, 14:58 · Reply · Report
I just survived a mini heart attack. I was just booking a home stay there for my next trip...
Mon 04 01 19, 13:50 · Reply (1) · Report
Ha ha :) Have a great holiday, Rajat.
Wed 04 03 19, 01:24 · Report
I feel bad for the ones who didn't read the whole story
Mon 04 01 19, 13:48 · Reply (1) · Report
We too :P
Wed 04 03 19, 01:25 · Report
Good one prank and information too.
Mon 04 01 19, 13:45 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks to you and all travellers like yourself :)
Wed 04 03 19, 01:26 · Report