Me and my wife 1st international trip SINGAPORE

26th Oct 2016
Photo of Me and my wife 1st international trip SINGAPORE by Mohit Mahajan
Day 1

It's our(me & my wife) first international trip and I have not sit in the plane before, excited a lotttttttt

So we have start our trip from delhi international airport and we have taken the malindo airlines (budget airlines )

So in terms of rating the airline I will rate it good in terms of food and leg space

After 4 hour of flight we have stop at kaulalampur airport we have hault for 2 hour which is tired one can have a coffee at Costa coffee

So after 2 hour we have now headed to Singapore

Day 2

On day 2 we have reached First impression is of airport which I will rate 9out of 10

Then we headed to our hotel through taxi

For Indians you will feel the road without traffic,clean and they don't use horn at all so u feel good weather is hot in october

We have reached hotel and relaxed bcoz in evening we have to go to night safari

Night safari

Night safari is a different world where you would see the animals in night and you can explore in 2 ways

By walking/by tram

some of people not interested to see animal but you will feel excited after seing this they have night show and even fire show at entrance if you are interest don't miss that also

Then we have taken dinner their I will not rate very good but as I love to explore so I have taken laksa which is ok to taste.

Day 3

It's 3 day, started with half day city tour in which we have seen

Singapore city

Singapore flyer

Singapore merloin

Orchard road(famous for branded shopping )

China town(you will feel you are in china)

Marina bay sands must see the night show (if you are not at budget trip try to stay their for one night)

In lunch we have gone to little India at banana leaf which is good and tried fish head curry tried something new

and gone to Mustafa centre for shopping in little India must go but beware it's so big that have to remember gate n.o also bcoz it's so big

its our first anniversary and we have planned to go to partyyyyy

so we have gone to clark quay where we have taken boat ride where some foreigner are discussing about old monk rum which they like the most and only manufactured in India so if you like non veg and you want to try something new then try crab i have also tried one new food for me that is


Photo of Clarke Quay Singapore by Mohit Mahajan
Day 4

So after last night party now its time to explore universal studio which is in sentosa island

If you like to be childish & want to enjoy ride it's a perfect destination


1-start with transformer ride bcoz later you will find long lines

Galactica Human vs cyclone (one of the thriller ride)

Jurassic park

The mummy

Puss in boots

The airplane show

Just want to tell you

1if you have child and he/she loves cartoon and movie they will be so happy that they don't want to come out at all

2If you have small child then they have cartoon show that they used to see in t.v

3If you are adult just like us and want to experience some thrill

In all situations this is must go you need full day

You will see character like

Charlie Chaplin and other famous character

For photos

Then we have taken metro to hotel and at mall where you have to take city metro we have taken lunch at mall food court it's good

I have tried duck 1 time their if you are chicken lover you will find taste some like same as chicken

Now we have rest for evening and enjoy at roof top pool

Dinner we have taken from hawlker centre which is near by

Day 5

Now we have planned to go to sentosa island the same metro to mall then taken sentosa metro

In sentosa last station you will get down find different rides like


Cable car (you will see cruise ships also)

Siloso beach sentosa which is relaxed one

tried Singapore sling a must try but beware

it's alcoholic

Underwater world which is good and we have seen pikachu also their

So if you want shopping specially ladies go to bugis street which is cheap and good

Day 6

Next day we have a flight to catch and get back home to delhi

But enjoy at airport good spot for photograph and taken foot massage install at airport

Free WiFi and even laptop installed but for limited time you can do work also their

So you need time to explore airport also which is one of the best airport

Lastly some recommendations

Try to take hotel near metro station

See if hawlker centre is near by

If you are Indian and try some Indian food try to take hotel near little india

Commute through metro which is cheap & good

Variety of Shopping is their bugis street, orchard road Mustafa

If you want to enjoy cruise than you can take malyasia-singapore

Their rules are strict so don't take chewgum bcoz fine is also higher

Go to Singapore zoo if you are travelling with children

It's a beautiful and recommended destination in Asia


Photo of Singapore Changi International Airport Singapore by Mohit Mahajan
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