Melbourne: The Best of Victorian Era


The colonial heritage of Australia has many priceless memorabilia. One such site is the Queen Victoria Market that has been carefully preserved ever since it became this interesting exotic site for anyone and everyone who ever visit this place. Being the largest open air market in all of Southern Hemisphere, it measures to a total of 17 acres. The never ending list of the honours that has been showered on this location also includes the prestigious mention in the Victorian Heritage Register. Flights to Melbourne are a great way to explore similar sites in the land down under.

Photo of Melbourne: The Best of Victorian Era 1/2 by TraveasyUK

Currently it is the only surviving Victorian market of the 19th century. This makes it an important part of both colonial and cultural heritage of the country. It is also a collection of various big and small Victorian markets that have blossomed here over the years. This includes South Melbourne Market, Prahran Market and notable remains of Western Market as well as Eastern Market. It may have started as a farmer’s market and that is responsible for still keeping it full of fresh produce on every single day of the week. But if you arrive here after booking tickets to Melbourne in the hope of a mysterious experience that that is exactly what this place will offer you.

Photo of Melbourne: The Best of Victorian Era 2/2 by TraveasyUK

Today, you can find all kinds of trendy yet affordable clothing lines, accessories, shoes, handlooms and handicraft items from different corners of this continent. Take a big scoop of the jam donuts too that are served hot here via the hot doughnut van that has become an intrinsic part of this market over the latter half of the past century. During the summer time, every Wednesday nights is a live entertainment night here where you can enjoy the best of food, entertainment and a lot more under a starry sky. So stop daydreaming and live your dream via cheap flights to Melbourne this holiday season.

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