Memories of travelling solo in last 5 years

Photo of Memories of travelling solo in last 5 years by Ashwani Banswal

Memories of traveling solo in last 5 years

I have traveled most of India due to job , education tours etc. I don’t want to write itinerary what to do n don’t while traveling else I am sharing my experience which are still in mind as a solo traveller in some of the states.

People’s attitude for Solo Indian Traveler .

1. West Bengal
We don’t care , Bengalis are the most intellectual people on earth and u have no choice of disagreeing as u are in West Bengal.

2. Tripura
You can get cheap stuff from bangladesh ?

3. Meghalaya
Y u are alone here ? R u from Govt.

We are having better beaches than Goa. If u have stuff u can enjoy with foreigners.

5. Bihar
Jjyada reservation mat chillao , seat lia hai train nhi kharid lia ( Don’t make too much noise of reservation , u have just taken a ticket not train ?)

6.Uttar Pradesh
Konsi Caste hai tumhari ? ( Which caste do u belong ?)

7.Himachal Pradesh
Parking ke 200 rupe lagenge ek ghante ke (For Parking its Rs. 200/hour)

If u r NRI than u r worthy otherwise dimaag toh hamare pappu ka bhi bhut tez hai.

Jameen kitni hai thaare paas ? ( How much land do u own ?)

Toh main kya karu ? ( What should I do ?)

10. Rajasthan
I am a registered Tourist Guide from Rajasthan Govt.

11 .Uttarakhand
Pahadio ko abhi bhi fayada nhi hua alag state bana ke (Hilly people haven’t benefitted from making new state)

12. Karnataka
U must be from Software industry

Y don’t u go to gulf?

We don’t sell stuff to Indians

I will share more in the future .

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