Mesmerising old delhi

20th Dec 2015

So here it is, My first publish.  According to me good food is never found in restaurants but its found in bylanes of old era.

I am big time fan of mughlai cuisines and best of it can be found in old Delhi in the crampy narrow lanes of jama madjid area like matia mahal. If you're adventurous enough go after eleven pm and you can see a whole different world of tradition and you will feel like you're in the mughal era. 
Name it and you have it kababs, tikkas, daak gosht, biryani,paya nahari and what not.
And in every foodchunt of mine i tend to find the best food of the world and agsin this time i discovered taufeeq biryani waala. Just adk anyone in matia mahal and they will guide you with a smile.