Miami: Eclectic Mix of Latin Influences


There are many layers to the sunny mornings and trendy evenings of Miami. From the outside it might seem like yet another over-exposed beach town that knows nothing else than being incomprehensibly gorgeous (not that it is a bad thing.). But as you travel further and closer to the real Miami, you will see an untampered version of this place and it is worth every single penny spent on Ticket to Miami. It might seem like a celebrity circus from outside with a beachy backdrop to it but there is a whole other side to it that you will come to see once you cross its threshold.

Photo of Miami: Eclectic Mix of Latin Influences 1/2 by TraveasyUK

Latin culture is the heart and soul of the real Miami. It is the result of large scale immigration that today the unofficial main language of this place is Spanish and if you know it even a bit, you can get in the good books of the locals pretty soon. The incomparable nightlife of Miami also grooves to Latin music and people on the dance floor don’t shy away from dropping a few Latin moves in there too. Cheap flights to Miami will entertain and inform you about the best kept secrets of Miami’s cultural hierarchy in great detail.

Photo of Miami: Eclectic Mix of Latin Influences 2/2 by TraveasyUK

You will find Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Haitians way more than other nationalities around here. This is because most of them have made this place their new home, some have done so decades ago while others are recently migrating closer to their relatives settled abroad. French Creole is another popular language in this cosmopolitan and flights to Miami will make sure that you get to hear it in a number of different dialects from the variety of people who are totally at peace with their new destination and their journey so far, both around the globe and in life!

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