Mine is a spiritual Journey and it will always be same !!!

26th Sep 2021
Day 1

I always had and still have a keen interest in historical and spiritual places no matter which ever religion or culture the places belong.
For me spritual places are the one to take in  more positive vibes and calmness , good surrounding indeed !!!
Hampi is one of my trip which I had in my bucklist but I never thought that I'll get to go and that even just before lockdown for Covid 19 pandemic.
A place which has Temples all around with each Temple having its own history behind it...King who build it...who ruled the place and much more.
Immersive experiences of a journey sometimes translate into beautiful tales that not only capture authentic memories but also jolt others to experience and explore
When a travel experience inspires the writer within you, a travelogue could be a great way to express yourself.
Travelling plays a crucial  part in making me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It also brings positive changes in my life and keeps me alive and active. Travelling gives me practical experience of things I have studied in the books and surfed on the internet.
The waterfalls , unique Temples , nature and it's beauty which is unforgettable !!!
So a person who does not travel at all does not find any meaning in the name of Char minar  or Ganga River. However, if one has travelled to these places, person can truly relate everything he has studied and will always remember each and every detail of that place.
Places which are unexplored, nature and it's beauty, the music played by the streams side by and the birds adding their song...
Greenery all around and the cool climate adding to the beauty of nature !!!

Photo of Badavilinga Temple by Shwati Yadav
Photo of Badavilinga Temple by Shwati Yadav