Mini Europe in Brussels

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Mini Europe in Brussels, the smallest city in Belgium, is a place for visitors to experience miniature Europe. Mini Europe is a mini zoo located in Brucup, on the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium. Mini Europe has reproductions of important monuments throughout the European Union and several other countries in Europe on display, in a miniature scale of 1:25. Around 80 such buildings and landmarks are featured. Several tourists have described Mini Europe as resembling an ancient city, with its Medieval cathedrals, stone streets and palaces.

Mini Europe in Brussels is located on the Belgian border, next to the airport, which has an excellent car rental service Mini-Europe in Brussels is a miniature copy of many important places in Europe. We recommend that you book a guide on and go on a magical journey through this place.

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Tourists traveling to Brussels need to take a ferry from the French port of Saint-Quen les Bains to reach this city. A number of ferries run between France and Belgium, supplying travelers with access to these important destinations. Traveling by train is another option, though it can be quite an arduous task due to the packed train schedule. There are several options available for visitors seeking to travel by train, but the best one would be renting a bike or a moped to make the journey easier.

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One of the best ways to explore the city is by means of a Mini Europe, which shows all of the major tourist attractions and is a perfect way to pass a few days without any additional expenses. Besides, one is also able to sample the wonderful local flavor and perhaps eat some local delicacies during their stay in the city. The hotels in Brussels offer plenty of great amenities and services, and they are located throughout the city, including at different points, such as along the waterways, in the heart of the city, in the suburbs or outlying areas, and even in the countryside.

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Since the Mini Europe is not a railroad train, the travelers can easily choose from a tour of Europe with several stops. By choosing to visit different parts of the city, the travelers can have a more interesting experience and see different aspects of Brussels. Some of the popular stops included in the tour are the House of Parliament, the Chateau des Beaux-Arts, the Picasso Museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Picasso Museum. Other attractions include the Saint Peter's Cathedral, the Belgian National Gallery, the Old Town Hall and the Grand Theater.

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The hotels in Brussels also offer a number of tourist attractions, such as the Botanical Garden, the Botanical Gardens, and the Jewish Museum. The city has a number of other important landmarks, such as the General Directory of Buildings and a number of bridges across the city. The Eurostar runs from London to Brussels, and there are various trains servicing the station.

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Another advantage of traveling in a Mini Europe is that it enables one to see many sites that are not easily accessible or are otherwise expensive in other ways. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes in Brussels that cater to tourists. Therefore, while one is on transit, they can sight-see while enjoying the scenery. It is also easier to schedule a break here as compared to hotels because it is less congested. Therefore, visiting Brussels via a Mini Europe is an enjoyable and affordable way to travel throughout Europe.