Money Counting Machines

24th Mar 2018

Money Counting Machines

Photo of Money Counting Machines by Shirley Seawald

Listed below is a listing of a few of the more common money counting machine questions from our clients. Most money counting machines count the total number of notes passing across the machine. The only bill counter we provide that will ascertain the value of the money counted is the Shinwoo. Do all money counters include counterfeit detection? Several money counters include fake detection, but not all. Most versions count the currency, and if a fake bill is discovered the machine stops. The most typical counterfeit detection attributes built to a money counting machine are ultraviolet and magnetic detection.

What is bill size detection? When counting money, the size detection attribute on money counting machines will say if there aren't any size anomalies from the counted bills. This is another counterfeit detection step. What's MG detection? MG is the acronym for magnetic. Bill counters with magnetic sensors sense the magnetic possessions of ink printed on legal U.S. bills. With the MG detection attribute enabled, the money counting machine will inform you of a note lacking magnetic properties.

What's UV detection? UV is the acronym for ultraviolet. Money counting machines with ultraviolet sensors sense UV possessions found in legal notes. Bill counters with UV capacities alert you of money lacking crucial UV possessions and recognize it as counterfeit. Will bill counters only count money? Most money counting machines will count tickets, coupons and also other paper based items. You just need to ascertain the specifications of the money counting machine and verify the minimum and maximum paper size the system can handle. You should be okay if the item you will need to count falls within those dimensions.

Is there any noticeable system performance difference between counting new and used bills? Money counting machines will manage both new and used bills. The fundamental difference is that most money counting machines just count half as many used invoices as new. It is because used, wrinkled, and folded invoices take up more space than crisp new invoices in the bill counter’s hopper. Why are a few money counting machines equipped with a dust extraction system? Bills, after they're handled and used for a while, collect all kinds of grime and dirt including particles of dust. A dust extraction system is essentially a vacuum that removes dust while invoices are being counted.

A dust screen in money counting machines prevents particles and dust on the invoices from filling the air. After the system is finished counting a stack of cash, the dust shield will open for removal of excess dust. Are money counting machines safe? Other than normal electrical risks, bill counters don't cause any serious physical harm.

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Photo of Money Counting Machines 1/1 by Shirley Seawald
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